“Cathy Ann Taylor is the strongest, most courageous, competent, powerful, compassionate, loving woman, and she’s a whole heck of a lot of fun. I can guarantee you will all love to walk in her footsteps, literally.”

~ Edward Miller

“To spend your time sharing and facilitating the richest possible experiences with others, in such a warm, competent, and inspiring way…you, your immersion in life, and your loving kindness are such gifts to us all.”

~ Tracey Kahan

“My Sweet Catarina, You are the cause of so much happiness – You help ease our ‘sufferings’ as we follow this path into the heights – You bring us to a place of joy, even as we remember and honor those we’ve lost, with sorrow – You surely draw us from our attachments to the every day, for the blessed weeks we’re with you in the sacred mountains.  There are no perfect words of thanks or admiration or towering respect I have for you and how you lead, mentor, cajole, inspire, ease, teach, and prepare us all to go beyond any place we ever would, without you.  I bow in awe and love!”

~ Marcy Taylor Pattinson

“I’m sure the entire group feels the same way that the Isaf family does – we had the most incredible adventure in Tibet with you and your staff. Every day ran so smoothly, so orderly, and so calmly. It was wonderful to always be surrounded by so many smiling faces. Really, who would have had a reason to frown? From the breakfast tea to zipping-up the tent at 9:30 to go to sleep, everything was picture perfect. The views were breathtaking, the monasteries were so very educational, and the personal and private moments shared with such warm-hearted and beautiful spirited people will surely be the most special memories of all. We feel honored to have been blessed with you as our guide. You represent all that is good in this world. There is a special light in your eyes that illuminates the most beautiful soul which gives life to a heart that radiates warmth and love – the love for this life that you have chosen to share with those who long for an escape into a land that is full of wonder and unimaginable beauty. And, though this adventure is only a moment in time, it is a time in which we all shared your passion….and we are surely the better for having walked in your shadow.”

~ Cindy Isaf

“From the moment we made the decision to sign on to Cattara’s Sacred Treks Machu Picchu to the day we landed back in San Francisco, we were swathed in the comfort of Cat’s compassionate care. Training for a high altitude trek was a new experience for Alice which did not go unnoticed by Cat. Throughout the six month’s of training, Cat’s encouragement was key to Alice’s successful exercise regimen. For international travel coordination, Cattara left no stone unturned. While in Cuzco and on the trail hiking to Machu Picchu, we had the perfect amount of down/alone time, group activities and historical sessions. What stands out when taking a trip with Cat are two things: 1. Her grace and humility with all things local and with her guests, and 2. Her ability to take the fun factor to a very high level. It’s safe to say, we wouldn’t trek with anyone else.”

~ Connie and Alice George

“After four trips with Cat to Everest Base Camp, the Chomolhari Circuit in Bhutan, Heavenly Lake in Tibet, and the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal, all I can say is that she is one of the most outstanding adventure guides I have ever had the good fortune to trek with in the 20 years I have been in the mountains. I would never consider another option if she were available to lead a mountain trip that I wished to take.”

~ Sy Kaufman

“I trekked with Cathy Ann in the Bhutanese Himalayas. To this day it goes down as one of the best trips so far. Cathy Ann is a very conscientious guide with a strong understanding of the surrounding nature and culture. She takes her work seriously but knows how to have fun working. She’s got my loyalty! I hope to trek with her again soon!”

~ Polly Calhoun

“I had an amazing time traveling with Cattara to Nepal and the Khumbu region. Just going there was an adventure, but what made the trip special is the feeling that I was being given the “insider’s tour” to this beautiful country. The things I saw and the people I met I will never forget. I highly recommend traveling with Cattara if what you’re looking for is more than just another trip. For me it wasn’t just a vacation, it was a life experience.”

~ Tim Kocee

“Cathy Ann is one of the safest, most conscientious guides I’ve ever known. She is keenly attentive to every detail, and knows what to do to deliver a wonderful, amazing journey that combines the inner spirit with the love of nature.”

~ Nancy Andrews

“Cat really brought the spirituality of Bhutan to life. Her intimacy with the people and passion for their culture added a wonderful enlightenment to our experience. And as a trip leader, her professionalism and attentiveness helped the days rigors pass effortlessly (well, almost). Cat connected with us and made the trip special. For me, that’s what it’s all about.” 

~ Alex Greene

“There is something quite special about Cathy Ann. I have been on a few treks with her and I’m always amazed by her outstanding leadership and devotion to making every trip a great adventure. Even down to the smallest details, she will always amaze you. She is truly the most dedicated and experienced trek leader I know.”

~ Mike Morehead

“I love traveling with Cathy Ann. She is nurturing, caring, knowledgeable, and professional. In addition, there is no one, I mean NO ONE, who is stronger than her. This woman will keep you safe during the day and then kick your ass at 500 rummy after dinner. . .all delivered with the most beautiful smile on the planet.”

~ David Csizmadia

“Traveling with Cathy Ann as a guide is a definite must. Her deep passion and knowledge of each locale and culture shapes the entire travel experience into a deep rooted emotional adventure. Seeing Tibet through Cathy Ann’s eyes was inspirational and moving, I look forward to my next trip.”

~ Lady Fuller

“Cat is amazing. She’s a great trip leader on many levels—an absolute pro who understands the varying and complex needs of her clients. Cat also has a wonderful enthusiasm and inspiring nature. From safety to knowledge to inspiration, I cannot recommend someone more highly then I recommend Cathy Ann Taylor.”

~ Aaron Goldfeder

“My Everest trip with Cathy Ann is one of the highlights of my life, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her as guide. Her deep love and enthusiasm for the area were apparent and her connections opened doors to people and experiences I certainly would have missed without her.” 

~ Ken Zegar

“I’ve had the privilege of traveling with Cathy Ann to Bhutan, Tibet, France, Peru, Nepal, India, and the Republic of Georgia, and have found her to be one of a kind. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the region and has the exceptional leadership skills necessary to lead a group through sometimes difficult conditions. However, what really sets her apart from others is her natural warmth, kindness, and passion for the area and its people, who in turn welcome her (and her fellow travelers) into their homes and their lives. I’ve said many times that I would follow her to the ends of the earth—and I have!”

~ Kevin Bethke

“I have been fortunate enough to be on many adventures that have been led by Cathy Ann. She has a complete grasp of regional knowledge and is the consummate professional. Her calming demeanor makes her popular with the local population, which allows those who accompany her to easily interact with them. After all, if you can’t get immersed into the area you are visiting you might as well just read about it in a book. Cathy Ann walks the walk.”

~ Jon Opper

“Not only does Cathy Ann take people to beautiful, interesting and amazing places, she allows the opportunity to immerse oneself into the culture, meet the native people she has known throughout many years, and shares her ability to see the world in a positive light. Cathy Ann is extremely knowledgeable about the places she visits and the terrain she challenges. She is graceful, capable, considerate, a fantastic leader and a truly wonderful person.”

~ Doug Rothmann

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