Women’s Getaways

Escape with your favorite group of female friends! Our unique getaways for women include spectacular hikes in Northern California along scenic coastal hills, through dense mystical forests, and past flowering hillsides. Our other offerings include hikes to the rugged and beautiful California Sierra and climbs of Mount Shasta, all in a truly supportive and nurturing atmosphere. Soothing yoga sessions, delightful culinary evenings, cooking classes, and much more are in the offing to cap a wonderful getaway.

Women’s Stinson Beach Hiking Getaway

Experience the pleasures of Stinson Beach and its quiet beach community. Whether hiking amongst nearby coastal woods, exploring the town, or relaxing on the beach, Stinson Beach is a great place to escape from the frantic pace of everyday life, just as it has been for over a century. Our fun program includes two vigorous day hikes, a couple of yoga sessions and a delightful culinary evening!

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